Kitchener-based Praemo announces the appointment of an industry leader to the roles of Chief Technology Officer


Praemo founder and CEO Michael Martinez announces the appointment of Dr. Andy Henderson to the role for Chief Technology Officer.

Dr. Henderson joined Praemo immediately after its founding as the Vice President of Technology. With a PhD in Automotive Engineering, he has a long history of utilizing data and analytics to improve performance for industrial use cases. He joined Praemo from his role in GE Digital, and focused on developing Praemo’s analytic engine Razor™.

“Dr. Henderson’s combination of academic research and practical industrial experience makes him well suited to lead the development of our core solution. He has the ability to simplify complex use cases into repeatable scenarios, that will allow for the broad deployment of Razor™ across key sectors like Mining, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Oil & Gas,” said Michael Martinez, founder and Praemo’s CEO and President.

Praemo’s analytic engine Razor™ is built to deliver prescriptive insight to industrial operations simplifying deployment by utilizing data as-is, where-is with no need for costly harmonization. Razor™ reduces time to value, maximizes asset uptime, eliminates quality disruptions and optimizes throughput of critical processes.

“Industrial operations have spent an enormous amount of time and money expanding their IoT landscape and deploying solutions intended to complement that. Razor™ will allow them to extract more value from the data and systems they already have in order to become more prescriptive in identifying impending disruptions,” said Dr. Henderson. “Visibility to what were previously ‘unanticipated’ downtime events, quality anomalies or production delays are buried in the data companies already have.”

Praemo’s Razor™ will support the I4.0 efforts of large enterprise and mid-market customers in the US, and Canada across a number of key verticals like Mining, Consumer Products, Auto and discrete manufacturing.

About Dr. Andy Henderson, CTO at Praemo

Data acquisition, data analysis, and process modeling have been central to every role Andy had at Caterpillar, during doctoral research, and at GE. He led efforts inside GE to implement data collection and analysis systems in GE internal factories and worked with GE Digital customers to define their needs for digital transformations inside of their factories. He remains a practitioner, applying digital technology within industrial operations, and a zealot for the value that comes from leveraging those technologies.


About Praemo —

Praemo is creating a future without disruptions by extracting the power of your data and turning it into actionable insights. Praemo was founded by industry veterans, and Razor™ was developed utilizing real world experiences to solve problems leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning by providing a non-intrusive solution for our customers.

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