Kitchener-based Praemo announces new leadership, propelling industrial operations forward with their proven AI-powered performance solution

KITCHENER, ONTARIO | AUGUST 21, 2019 — Praemo founder and CEO Michael Martinez announces the addition of industry veteran Paul Boris to the company’s leadership team in the role of Executive Vice President and CRO.

With an esteemed reputation positioning him as a thought leader on topics of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital transformation, Boris brings his extensive industry experience to his new role at innovative prescriptive analytics company Praemo.

As the company shifts its focus towards accelerating growth on all fronts, the appointment of Paul Boris to EVP and CRO comes at an opportunistic time. Praemo launched its Razor™ technology less than a year ago, successfully engaging large enterprise and mid-market customers in the US and Canada, across a number of key verticals.

“Now that we’re exiting stealth mode, the addition of key, senior leadership is absolutely critical to accelerating growth and ensuring our customers’ success. We’re fortunate to have someone with the depth of industrial experience and a demonstrated history of success that Paul brings,” says Martinez.

Boris started his career running industrial operations and held roles as a Global Vice President at SAP, CIO of Advanced Manufacturing Strategy at GE, and COO of industrial wearables company Vuzix. He has driven significant software revenue growth and customer expansion across the industrial sector, advised the leadership teams at hundreds of companies globally on digital transformation, and led digital transformation at one of the world’s largest industrials. In his role at Praemo, he will be tapping his vast manufacturing experience to define strategy, deliver on growth targets and team with customers and partners to implement solutions that will disrupt the prescriptive analytics space for industry. Boris also served as an advisor to Praemo from its founding.

AI is an incredible tool for industrial operators, but providers rarely understand the space — and even when they do, they often underestimate what it takes to transform operations resulting in an endless cycle of pilot purgatory. “Industrial operators are at the threshold of making a step change in performance with the proper application of these advanced tools. Praemo has a solution and approach to delivery that is lean, pull-based and can scale rapidly across operations. Simplifying delivery, eliminating risk and enabling a customer’s digital transformation is at the heart of what we deliver, and I’m excited to help transform industry with the team at Praemo,” says Paul Boris, EVP & CRO.

With this exciting new appointment, Praemo is poised to revolutionize industrial operations.

Paul Boris, EVP and CRO, Praemo


About Praemo —

Praemo is creating a future without disruptions by extracting the power of your data and turning it into actionable insights. Praemo was founded by industry veterans, and Razor™ was developed utilizing real world experiences to solve problems leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning by providing a non-intrusive solution for our customers.

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