Praemo continues expansion , Thomas Hynes joins leadership team as Managing Director, Australia.

KITCHENER, ONTARIO | June 9th, 2021 —

Canadian Industrial Analytic provider Praemo continues global expansion into Australia and announces Thomas Hynes has joined the company as the Managing Director for the region. In addition, Hynes will also drive the expansion of the Mining and Metals segment, globally.

“Mining and Metals are key sectors for Praemo. These operations can benefit from the deployment of advanced tools like AI and Machine Learning to drive performance and uptime of critical assets. Tom’s deep experience in supply chain and asset-intensive environments means he’ll be able to help industrial leaders get the greatest value from the investments they’ve already made in the IoT,” said Paul Boris, President and CRO of Praemo.

“I’m excited to join the Praemo team,” said Hynes. “Razor™ is unique in the ability to consume industrial data from existing systems, as-is, where-is, eliminating the need for a customer to ‘prep’ the data in any way. This means our customers can get incremental value from their existing investments, far sooner, and virtually eliminate risk to operations.”

Praemo’s Razor™ has been successfully utilized in large enterprise and mid-market customers in the US, Canada, and EMEA across a number of key verticals like Mining, Consumer Products, Automotive, and in both process and discrete manufacturing. Praemo has added key markets with resources in the Austral-Asia region, and the selection by a leading provider of Digital Innovation in Mexico, Alestra as part of their innovation scale-up program.

About Thomas Hynes

Thomas is a global professional with over 25 years of experience leading and managing businesses for the delivery of Asset Management solutions and services. Initially focused on Supply Chain advisory optimization services, Thomas has developed a portfolio of knowledge and experience applying cutting-edge solutions to drive productivity improvement across the lifecycle of assets. He has led many large-scale transformation projects for major global brands for industries including Infrastructure, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Telecommunications.
Thomas prides himself on building long-term and rewarding relationships, high caliber and motivated teams, and delivering outstanding customer service.


About Praemo

Praemo is creating a future without disruptions for manufacturing and industrial operations. By leveraging the data and systems you already have, as-is, where-is, Razor™ exposes actionable insights that your teams can use to avoid downtime and quality issues while maximizing throughput. Founded and led by industry veterans, and Razor™ utilizes Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to provide a non-intrusive solution for our customers that delivers value faster than any competitive approach. If you’re not extracting all the value from the data and systems you already have, Razor™ can help.

Praemo is proud to have achieved Diversio’s Platinum Certification, its highest level of recognition identifying our team as “Best in Class.” To achieve this recognition, a “Platinum Certified organization not only demonstrates a diverse & inclusive culture, it actively supports Inclusive Businesses in its network or supply chain.

Praemo Leadership:

Michael Martinez, Founder & CEO

Paul Boris, President & CRO

Paul Hancock, Founder & CFO

Andy Henderson, CTO

Thomas Hynes, Managing Director

Praemo Board of Directors:

Whitney Rockley Co-founder of McRock Capital, Praemo’s Board Chair

Michael Martinez Founder & CEO

Paul Boris President & CRO

Bob Fei President & CEO, Life Cycle Engineering

Andy Goodwin Former CEO, SMEC

Board Observers:

Craig Lange Strategy & Growth Director, Caterpillar

Aditya Agarwal Principal, Venture Capital (Industrial Innovation Fund), BDC


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