Okuma America Corporation, a world-leader in CNC machine tools announces that Praemo, an industry leader in applied IIoT and AI, has joined Partners in THINC. Praemo combines industry experience with IIoT and AI expertise to help customers increase productivity while reducing costs.

Razor™ by Praemo, securely connects to data sources and gathers pertinent information. With the help of predictive analytics and prescriptive intelligence, production disruptions can be detected before they happen. Razor™ insights and suggested recommendations help customers take preemptive action to reduce equipment downtime, optimize production processes, and manage risks.

“Okuma has a long legacy of innovation, producing high quality machining centers, and fostering growth inside their ecosystem; all with a relentless focus on customer success. At Praemo, we admire these traits and believe that our innovative Razor™ technology will augment Okuma’s existing capabilities and provide an even greater value to customers and partners,” says Michael Martinez, CEO, Praemo.

“Partners in THINC is excited to have Praemo join our partnership. They provide leading edge, real world solutions to our customers. Their technology allows our customers to tap into the benefits of AI and IIoT to maximize the full benefits of their manufacturing processes,” says Wade Anderson, Okuma Product Specialist and Tech Centers Manager.

Members of Partners in THINC provide superior technologies that are integrated with Okuma’s CNC machines and controls to deliver advanced manufacturing system solutions.

For more information on Praemo and other members of Partners in THINC, visit

About Okuma America Corporation

Okuma America Corporation is the U.S.-based sales and service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, a world leader in CNC (computer numeric control) machine tools, founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan. The company is the industry’s only single-source provider, with the CNC machine, drive, motors, encoders, and spindle all manufactured by Okuma. The company also designs their own CNC controls to integrate seamlessly with each machine tool’s functionality. In 2014 Okuma launched the Okuma App Store, the industry’s only centralized online marketplace for machine tool apps and related content. Along with its extensive distribution network (largest in the Americas), and Partners in THINC, Okuma is committed to helping users gain competitive advantage through the open possibilities of machine tools, today and into the future. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @OkumaAmerica.

Partners in THINC

Partners in THINC is a collaboration network of more than 40 industry leaders who come together to solve problems and explore new productivity ideas for real-world manufacturers. With the open architecture, PC-based OSP control as its nucleus, Partners in THINC brings specialized equipment, expertise and a commitment to provide the best possible integrated solutions to the end-user. For more information, visit


Praemo is revolutionizing how industrial companies think about the role of digital technology inside their operations. We help our customers reduce equipment downtime, optimize production processes, and manage risks. This results in improved productivity, lower costs, and a more sustainable operation overall. Praemo is leveraging the best technology and practices from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Lean to deliver benefits to our customers. Razor was built with an ‘edge-first’ approach to Connect to customer’s equipment, sensors, and backend data systems to collect data. It operates within the confines of a customer’s network or safely transmits data and information between the customer and the cloud. It processes the data using Predictive Analytics to generate alerts about upcoming production and equipment events. It leverages Prescriptive Intelligence to combine industry expertise with “learned” behavior to automatically create actionable recommendations. These Events and Recommendations are delivered as intuitive notifications to users who “subscribe” to the equipment. Razor was developed for industrial applications under the guidance of Praemo’s experienced industry practitioners. We are committed to building technology with the mission of delivering truly sustainable productivity and cost improving digital technology in a more intuitive and cost-effective method than ever before.

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