As the world looks to towards the future post the coronavirus pandemic, there is an undeniable fact.  The way people live and work has changed.  What does this mean for Industrial companies?

Cisco Investments and McRock Capital teamed up to create a framework to illustrate how AI can optimize assets, improve processes, and enhance human capabilities through a mix of existing and emerging applications. They take a look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology which was in the nascent stages of adoption in industrial verticals, will lay the foundation for significant investments in digitization and automation in the post-COVID world.

Praemo is honored to be included in this framework through examples of the class of problems we are solving, as well as our unique approach through our industrial expertise.

“Of Industry, For Industry”


Companies with combined expertise in data science and machine learning as well as industrial domain can help customers solve critical business problems and build a good rapport through customer support. Intelligent customers are especially adept at catching lack of information, misdirection, or ineffective communication. An organization’s in-depth knowledge of every aspect it handles will not only separate it from its competition, it will also impress upon the customer that the said organization is best suited to tackle the problem at hand.

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