Building Your Toolbox to Accelerate Digital Transformation

How to step on the gas with regard to the long-planned digital transformation in manufacturing? Jaci Sager, VC Portfolio Manager at Caterpillar, and Paul Boris, Chief Revenue Officer at Praemo, have some answers. For teams that are seeing success, is it the technology they chose? Is it the leaders tasked with facilitating it? Or is it some combination of both? The answer might seem obvious, but the path is not.

Building Your Toolbox to Accelerate Digital Transformation

by Jaci Sager, Paul Boris

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Insight Right Under Our Noses

A whole new layer of insight can be harvested inside factories with the data you already have, today. Companies are sometimes holding back from leveraging sensors and tools like AI and deep data analysis that would allow for it because of cultural gaps between, for example, IT and OT. Ownership issues can also be a problem if some are, say, building devices vs operating devices. Paul Boris, EVP at Praemo fights against using red herrings like security concerns inside the same factory to continue down the same old paths that limit performance. He understands how seductive risk avoidance can be. And he speaks frankly about this and other issues with Brett Brune, editor in chief of Smart Manufacturing magazine.

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Speaker - Paul Boris, CRO

Paul has driven digital transformation within industrial operations for decades. Starting his career at GM, he’s held P&L responsibility for facilities in all manufacturing modes. In the mid-90’s, Paul led the trend of deployment of technology within manufacturing. As the GVP of Enterprise Operations Management at SAP and CIO of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions at GE, he worked closely with senior executives and operational teams to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in sustainable performance improvements.

Boris is considered a thought leader on topics of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Digital Transformation, with extensive industrial experience.

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Mastering Data Science

Coffee N Code, strives to make building a career in the tech industry accessible for everyone. The show aims to provide some insight from young adults about their professional paths, what the industry is like, and the stories from along the way. Supported by UW AFEF and MEF.

This episode’s guest is Victor Reyes, a recent masters student graduate and data scientist at Praemo. Victor has not only managed to break through into a cutting edge field of research, but also managed to turn his academic pursuits into a career. We talk about what his process going through graduate education was like, how he ended up in data science, and tips for stepping out into the field from scratch.

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Analyzing Machine Data for Process Improvement

Today’s machine tools and ancillary equipment are capable of gathering vast amounts of data. The question is how to analyze this data in order to develop ways to improve key processes. In this episode, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Andy Henderson, Vice of Engineering & Data Science for Praemo Inc. about how data analysis impacts manufacturing, the data requirements to do effective analysis, and key methods of analyzing data for actionable results.
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Speaker - Andy Henderson, CTO

Data acquisition, data analysis, and process modeling have been central to every role Andy had at Caterpillar, during doctoral research, and at GE.He led efforts inside GE to implement data collection and analysis systems in GE internal factories and worked with GE Digital customers to define their needs for digital transformations inside of their factories.He remains a practitioner, applying digital technology within industrial operations, and a zealot for the value that comes from leveraging those technologies.

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