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About Praemo:
Founded by industry experts and focused on the appropriate application of leading-edge analytic technologies like AI within industrial operations, we believe there is a simpler, more cost, time and operationally effective way to harvest insights from the Industrial and Manufacturing data sets that already exist.

Praemo is an advanced data and analytics company that builds solutions utilized by a wide range of industrial operations. From discrete manufacturing to consumer-packaged goods to mining and process plants, our technology, RazorTM fills a critical gap. Utilizing an organization’s operational and IoT (Internet of Things) data as-is, where-is, and applying AI (artificial intelligence) tools like ML (Machine Learning), RazorTM transforms existing, under-utilized data into context relevant insights. These insights alert industrial operators to any anomaly with the potential to harm performance in time to prevent it.


  • Build machine learning based products/solutions, which provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive models based on data
  • Independently develop end-to-end applications
  • Develop and maintain performant and scalable applications
  • Work closely with and incorporate feedback from Engineering teams
  • Maintain a customer-centric point-of-view for applications


  • BS in Computer Science, Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related fields
  • 3+ years of practical experience in machine learning is mandatory
  • General knowledge of Linux
  • Strong skills in Python (analytic packages such as Keras/Tensorflow/SciPy in particular)
  • Any experience with provisioning tools such as Ansible or Saltstack would also be helpful
  • DevOps experience is a plus
  • Redis experience is a strong asset

Preferred Qualifications:

  • PhD or Master’s degree in a machine learning discipline
  • Experience with Git or other version control software
  • Knowledge of Agile development methodology
  • Background in User Experience Design
  • Experience leading engineering teams and projects
  • Experience utilizing GPU technology
  • Some mechanical and industrial process knowledge
  • Previous startup experience

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Leadership Team:
Michael Martinez, CEO
Paul Hancock, CFO
Andy Henderson, CTO
Paul Boris, CRO


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