We Understand This is a Challenging Time

Manufacturing and supply chains are experiencing unprecedented disruption. Whether you are trying to keep up with demand or control cost, changing your process, or focused on thriving in the new normal, your data should help drive that effort.  Our analytics engine can help turn under-utilized data into operation-critical insights.

State of The Industry

Source: PWC

How We Can Help

We deliver an analytics engine called Razor, that allows us to deploy AI and machine learning into industrial operations far faster and more cost-effectively than any of the typical approaches currently available.

Razor™ Simplified Approach

  • Leverages data, as-it-is, where-it-is

  • No need for costly data or system harmonization​

  • Empowers existing continuous improvement teams ​

  • Lean approach proves value quickly prior to rollout

Accelerates the delivery of valuable insights and eliminates bias .

Our unique approach was designed and has been proven to reduce time to value.
Increase throughput, improve quality, and reduce downtime with Razor.

By industry, for industry – Founded by domain experts that come from operations.